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Since the early 2000s, Tiffany Anderson has established her place as a Natural Hair Care Specialist. Using her unique techniques and creativity, Tiffany has surpassed her peers as a beauty professional in the industry. Tiffany’s portfolio has been displayed and continues to showcase in several of the most popular hair and braid magazines while also being featured in an independent film, Shut Up and Dance.

Anderson believes she has started the natural hair movement with her clients and the greater Eastbay of Northern, California. She has gone above and beyond to educate individuals on the benefits of having natural hair and the importance of staying away from chemicals.

Anderson has been featured by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Pacific Southwest/Region 9 for her work on natural hair awareness. In 2009 she collaborated with the National Healthy Nail and Hair Salon Alliance to support and bring an even broader awareness to the cosmetology industry, on the negative effects of long term chemical use on the hair and scalp.

Anderson is also a trained professional in the Science and Practice of Trichology providing her the knowledge and tools to incorporate healthy hair education in every service.

In her spare time Tiffany is educating individuals on the importance of how to achieve healthy natural hair and spending time with her family.

Tiffany Anderson | CEO & Founder
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